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Idanna Auger 

The 3 Step Action Plan
Your Support Group
Having a great support group is the first step in the action plan with good reason. Children have to feel like they can turn to anyone in the group for help
Safety Plan
We all need a safety plan in times of need. This will help your child realize when he or she is slipping into a dark place.
Action Plan
Now it’s time for the hardest part, reaching out for help. We need to make sure your child understands that this is a big part in the recovery process.
“I really hope this gets into the hands of as many people as possible! I like the idea of not waiting until a problem occurs. Like, if everyone just did this with their pre-teens, they would know they have options. Hormones and teenage brains don’t function well together, and even as parents, we don’t always know what’s best, and that’s assuming they even come to us.

I didn’t go to my mom because I was embarrassed and ashamed, but had she done this with me before the problems started, I’m sure things would have gone differently.”

Mom of a pre-teen
York Region, Ontario

“ I can see it being helpful for those individuals who are already expressing that they need help, but I could also see it as something they introduce in schools to entire classes. There needs to be more awareness about mental illness and it wouldn’t hurt to better educate children as a whole. It will better prepare them should they ever need to reach out for help, but also better prepare them to help others and recognize when someone might need help. It’s nice to see the great efforts you’re putting forth….far too many people struggle, with such little support.”

Mom of 4 girls
York Region, Ontario

“This helps my daughter know she is loved and cared for no matter what she is going through. It takes the guessing out of crisis situations, and helps to develop a plan when things don’t always make the most sense. I myself was a high-risk teen, and I really would have loved to have had something like this back then!”

A loving mother of a teen
York Region, Ontario

“The Mental Health Safety-Action Plan has been an instrumental tool in helping our son. Not only was it a huge step for him to be able to finally articulate how he is sometimes feeling, but it has been a valuable tool to help open the communication and give us a better understanding, so we can better support him through his tough days. Thank you Idanna for creating this booklet, it truly has helped us all get on the right path to recovery!”

Thankful Mom & Dad, York
Region, Ontario

“This booklet is very useful for youth, whether they are struggling or not. It gives people more awareness of mental health and it provides strategies for youth to cope who are feeling lost or depressed. I think the journal would be a good tool in combination with counselling for struggling teens.”

Mom of 2 boys, and teacher, Vancouver British Columbia